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About Us

Our goal is to deliver amazing experiences that make people talk, and build strategic value for brands, tech, entertainment, arts & culture.

Are you tired of reading the same descriptions about those company claiming they’re different from another but really they’re not?
Fine! Because we’re tired too, so why don’t we directly skip to the part where you understand how we can help you?


We know our business, but we surely don’t know yours, but it’s great, because we also strongly believe amazing work comes from great relationships and we’re convinced our full potential can only be released when we all work together, inside and outside the company (or during buzzed late-night discussions)

Before collaborating on anything, we always start with getting to know each other.

Your needs, your goals, your expectations, your story, your team, and even, hopefully maybe your taste in Belgian beers.

Now, you’re looking for a team to produce whatever you want without taking the time to get to know us, and thoroughly tell us more about your situation?’s the way out.

Our Selected Clients

Our Prey Design


A team of designers, storytellers, and passionate collaborators, who work together to create industry-shifting products that win people's hearts and minds.

And we strive to become one of the most recognizable & influential UI/UX agencies of the time who does that.

UI/UX Designer

With over six years of experience conceptualizing and crafting digital products, helping start-ups and non-profits expand their capacity for impact 🚀

Sr Developer

A wiz for the 1 & 0's. Bringing magic to our designs, bringing them to life, and making them functional. Lover of coffee first thing in the morning

Motion Designer

Our go-to for everything motion design. A wonder with graphics from base concepts to the cherry on top

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