London Photoruns

Linking creativity with fitness.


Overview of the city’s arts and culture scene.

Photoruns is a one of a kind product. It brings together
multimedia and technological solutions to create an
exceptional experience for those looking for unique ways to keep fit.
Boasting extremely progressive goals, the platform aims to
raise the level of exercise among London citizens. Photoruns
provides those touring london the tools to unlock hidden places and knowledge in London.

The site empowers tourists to discover the city’s potential

The official portal
for citizens and tourists

When working with dynamic content Layout is king. Making sure every element is cohesive with the rest of the design requires a finely tuned harmonic eye.
Image by Ev

2 years of work
2 versions of the site

A city this size requires a site that can withstand massive server loads. Our team relied on only the most current technologies for developing the server. Citizens will discover plenty of useful information about their city on the new site, and it’s also targeted to attract business and tourism.

The design will not leave you cold

Plenty of illustrations and icons, bright hues, and micro animated functional elements all come together to really set a creative mood and submerge the user in the app’s special atmosphere.

Extra attention to detail development

Our team really got into the design mood. We were motivated to focus on every little detail including icon animation, to really enhance the user interaction.

It's All About Making Friends

We value every single client and do our best to offer multiple
options for working together in a way that makes everyone
happy. The most reliable and mutually beneficial way is when
the client trusts in your expertise and you can meet multiple
needs during the course of a long term working relationship.
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