Student [Let] is a flat and house share site for university students in the  UK

Studying away from home for the first time especially for international students is an exciting challenge. That’s where we came in.  From the initial concept, we built a letting platform for students by the students, they can share their experience from renting and review their landlord. The platform was launched in UK cities, and we’re exploring the possibility of launching in other countries.
Image by Andrey Zvyagintsev
Image by Bernadette Gatsby
Image by Sincerely Media
Image by William Navarro

The images were carefully curated to 

help showcase stages in a student's life for their time in university.


The Landing Page gallery

We knew imagery was going to play a big role in pushing the vision forward for both students and landlords. The landing page uses a grid system to pin images of student experiences in a similar manner as to adding pictures on a student's bedroom wall.

The Search Page

This page showcases a list of rooms and houses available to rent. The catalog is spaced to help the student navigate as well as keeping the initial information streamlined to help students make decisions based on the important information Pricing, Location and number of rooms.

Non clustered design 

The service aims to help students learn to see the important information when viewing a house to rent. By separating the information at each stage of the review. Price is the highest priority followed by the state of the rooms then the number of rooms and its location.

Layout Structure

The grid plays a psychological aesthetic, by having the images snapped to the grid as well as the copy, scrolling down a page stops the student from skimming through the content.