eCommerce website for a women’s luxury clothing retailer


We wanted to create an eCommerce website with:

  • A unique and characteristic visual style that fits its personality.
  • A blend of the latest visual and technological trends.
  • a clean minimalist marketplace.

The use of large scale images and minimal type allows the visitor to be instantly transported into a lifestyle for which their clothes are a cornerstone.

Large photographs,

bold type, and the classic Luxury aesthetic

The use of a muted color palette and minimalist design draws our attention to the clean photographs of the clothing as well as the subtle but unique use of animation.

The power of visuals to draw attention

With sleek animation, a light color scheme, and a contrast between bold texts, the design succeeds in setting itself apart from other websites. These differences are further highlighted by the details like parallax scrolling, hovering section heads, and the clean minimalist marketplace.

Fully responsive, entirely immersive

The fashion brand aims to create a unique and characteristic visual style that fits its personality. We relied on the power of visuals to draw attention and let the products speak for themselves.

A simple and classic aesthetic

Much like their products, the site provides a juxtaposition of minimalist structure with whimsy. This is accomplished through the use of strong lines to promote structure and illustrated icons to remind the viewer that this company appreciates creativity.

Whitespace and classic page structure

Product pages are loaded with features and information, enabling shoppers to view products in different colors, see images of people wearing the product in the “real world.