At the end of the day we just want to make great things with great people.

Preydesign Studio is a design & technology practice based upon creating long-standing creative partnerships built on honesty, purpose and kindness. We aim to help our clients get remembered, understand their audience or simply just sell a product. That can be through a design or a website. We’re dedicated to putting the best possible work forward, whether that work is seen by the masses or the very few

The partnership with Wix

My design services aren’t necessarily for everyone. ( Let me explain! )

As an experienced custom web designer, I’ve had the opportunity to narrow down my target market and gain a clear understanding of which businesses my skills and talent benefit most. Wix is the only platform that has dedicated time and resources into supporting designers and their constant strive to make creation better for us and our clients.


Scale your business with us as your partner studio

I believe that a modern narrative should always be explored with a curious mind. We observe the world with an open mind and a skilled eye for the aesthetics.
I believe that each story should be born out of meaning. we seek individuality in design and think that a personalized approach should always be met with a high level of execution.

So, who makes up the team?

Our constellation is ever changing.
We consider us super lucky to have some very talented people in our network that more than willingly lend a hand when needed. We call them friends and we happily share them with you.